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Who's That Bear?

Beardonna—that’s who! But Beardonna’s no ordinary bear. Traditional for sure—bearded, robust, hirsute—but unique. Beardonna is Blonde Ambition Madonna-meets-the Brawny paper towel man. Marilyn-meets-Magnum. An entity of undeniable girth and fur and style and attitude. Talent? Well, that’s subjective.

But Beardonna doesn’t care what the people say.  Beardonna lives to entertain, driven by a desire to succeed and fueled by a love of snack cakes. Beardonna eats obstacles for breakfast—literally—with an extra large, light and sweet coffee. Shrouded in mystery (and often powdered sugar), Beardonna is propelled toward fame and fabulosity by an overinflated sense of self-importance. But while well-meaning, this truly singular character is often clueless.

And there are those out there who crave Beardonna’s demise.
Godspeed, our hairy hero (heroine?). Godspeed….

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